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Boodjar Werryn Koolyn

On Country Healing

Maar Koodjal provides a unique On Country cultural mental health service for Aboriginal people.

We teach traditional culture, ceremony and language to strengthen identity and connection to culture.

This is a protective factor in positive behaviour change. We also utilise contemporary psychological methods in a culturally safe way to give knowledge and information to participants in terms of what trauma is, how it impacts and how to process that if they choose to.  Participants can begin to understand and work on the trauma that can underly their behaviour and help  address their own transgenerational trauma in a supportive and culturally appropriate environment.Dennis Smoking Ceremony IMG 2805

Additionally, we then go on to provide mentoring and support for participant exploring employment pathways of their choic such as in cultural tourism, cultural events as well as through industry partnerships in other fields. We are committed to developing alternative employment pathways through partnerships with other employers, service providers, community groups, local government and the police.

To be part of our exclusive program delivered by Maar Koodjal CEO Dennis Simmons, On Country cultural mental health for Aboriginal people, please get in touch at: